Rila Mountain

The highest mountain in Bulgaria

Rila is an alpine mountain, characterized by steep ridges, high peaks, deep valleys, and gorges. The highest peak in Bulgaria and on the Balkan Peninsula is located here – Musala (2,925 m). One of Bulgaria’s landmarks is also here.The seven glacial lakes – located at an altitude of 2,095 m to 2,535 m. The largest resort in the Rila range is Borovets. It possesses excellent ski runs and mountain hotels. Unique opportunities for combining hiking, skiing and spa tourism are also offered in Panichishte and at Sapareva Banya. The ski centers of Malyovitsa, Semkovo and Govedartsi are also very popular among tourists.

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Borovets is ideal for both winter and summer adventure activities. Its snowy slopes provide twenty six ski tracks. Besides the beginners and easy tracks, there are as well red and black runs – be prepared. And in the summer Borovets is a popular place for mountain bikers, hikers and sun lovers.

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Rila is also known as the Water mountain. The Seven Rila lakes are not all the lakes it hosts!


Musala is the highest peak of Bulgaria and Balkans. The mountain has 18 peaks over 2700m


There are number of summer and winter trails in the Mountain – here are some of them

Rila monastery - Рилски манастир

Rila Monastery

One of the iconic Bulgarian sights is Rila monastery.

Rila monastery is the largest and most famous monastery in Bulgaria. It is named on it’s founder Saint Ivan of Rila and is placed 117km from Sofia at the altitude of 1.147m above sea level. The monastery is situated in Rila mountain and keeping important cultural, historical and architectural monuments is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bulgaria.


“Не покоряваме планината, а самите себе си. ”

Едмънд Хилари

“Един си ти, мой Мусала, свещено място, Божий връх”

Учителя Дънов

“В своето развитие, до което е достигнал човек в сегашната епоха, за да хармонизира и използва правилно силите на своето тяло, трябва да се движи, да ходи. Движението е живот. ”

Из Планината - извор на сила